Friday, February 11, 2011

Minecart Intermediates: Double-Cart/ Multi-Cart Station Update

Here is an improved version of the Double-cart and Multi-cart station from a few days ago. The only major changes in this version is the addition of a lever to change the station from a multi-cart creation mode to a deployment mode.

This version can be toggled from a multi-cart creating mode... a deployment mode.

In order to make this version of the multi-cart station, simply add a track leading to the curving portion of the station's rails. This will be the exit track. Then place a lever in front of the curving rail that meets the exit track.

Just put the lever right here and you're done.

When you deploy your multi-cart (which is done by giving it a slight push and then getting in before it gets away from you!) make sure it is on the side closer to the exit rail. Multi-carts and double-carts don't take too well to difficult turns, but they can handle 90 degree turns pretty well. More or less.

Here are a few things to remember about these kinds of carts:

1. Every turn increases the chance that a multi-cart or double-cart will break apart. The higher degree the turn, the more likely this becomes.

2. Multi-carts and double-carts can travel underwater, not over water. I once mistakenly reported the latter, and for that I apologize. You can drown while riding underwater, but there exists the possibility of underwater train tunnels...

3. Double-carts cannot move past mobs and items, but there is a high chance that multi-carts with more than three carts can. The more carts used in the multi-cart, the higher the chance. A train of 5 carts is essentially unstoppable lest it run into a corner.

That's all for now. Next I'll have a tutorial on the minecart launchers (jumps).


  1. this is very helpful and it's easy to follow. keep up the good work.

  2. One question I was wondering, do you play the game legit and find all the ore you need for these mine tracks and such?

  3. I need to build a double cart now lol

  4. @RaZer: I play legit on other files, but for my tutorials I use INVEdit to get the materials I need.

  5. Interesting... when I start playing Minecraft again I'll have to look into this.

  6. Very cool I will use this instead, minecraft is consuming my soul