Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Minecart Intermediates: Slanted Booster

Another boosting structure is the slanting booster. Slanting boosters carry a minecart up a slope and boost it away

A non-resetting slant booster and it's accompanying travel rail.
To build a non-resetting slant booster, a pit of at least 2 blocks width, 4 blocks length and 3 blocks depth must be available.

1. Dig the pit shown below. The pit should be arranged like this. First, dig down one block deep and two blocks wide.

Next, did down two blocks deep, two blocks wide, and two blocks long.

Last, did down one block deep and two blocks wide. You should end up with a pit identical to the one shown.

A pit. Looks kinda like two benches facing each other.

2. Build a track to travel on. Have it travel into and out of the pit. You'll end up with a silly looking track like this:

The track you will be traveling on.

3. In the pit, starting from the direction your traveling cart will enter from, place a track leading from the raised block out of the pit. In the below picture, the minecart will be coming from the right, so a track was placed on the lower block to the right of the pit, then along the bottom of the pit and finally out of it. Your slanting booster is now complete.
The boosting minecart will rest against the wall to the right in this slant booster.
An alternate version of the slanting booster made to carry minecarts up slopes.

If you want to make a booster that will travel up a slope and automatically reset, then you can improve your design with a few simple steps listed below.

4. If your booster is traveling up a slope and you want it to reset itself after use, run your boosting minecart into a block so that it will slide back down into its starting position.
Build the rail for the booster on a slope.

Remove the rail piece on the top of the block.

Replace the removed rail piece with a solid block. Your slant booster is complete.

Your slanting booster will now slide back into place after use.