Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New! Minecraft Dungeon Quest Series!

For the next few updates, I'll be releasing my new Dungeon Maps I've made for Minecraft Beta! Each map was built from the ground up by me, and feature an Adventure style of gameplay complete with puzzles, secret areas, exciting trials, and more! Stay tuned for the first of the Minecraft Dungeons, Hell Frontier!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Minecart Intermediates: Slanted Booster

Another boosting structure is the slanting booster. Slanting boosters carry a minecart up a slope and boost it away

A non-resetting slant booster and it's accompanying travel rail.
To build a non-resetting slant booster, a pit of at least 2 blocks width, 4 blocks length and 3 blocks depth must be available.

1. Dig the pit shown below. The pit should be arranged like this. First, dig down one block deep and two blocks wide.

Next, did down two blocks deep, two blocks wide, and two blocks long.

Last, did down one block deep and two blocks wide. You should end up with a pit identical to the one shown.

A pit. Looks kinda like two benches facing each other.

2. Build a track to travel on. Have it travel into and out of the pit. You'll end up with a silly looking track like this:

The track you will be traveling on.

3. In the pit, starting from the direction your traveling cart will enter from, place a track leading from the raised block out of the pit. In the below picture, the minecart will be coming from the right, so a track was placed on the lower block to the right of the pit, then along the bottom of the pit and finally out of it. Your slanting booster is now complete.
The boosting minecart will rest against the wall to the right in this slant booster.
An alternate version of the slanting booster made to carry minecarts up slopes.

If you want to make a booster that will travel up a slope and automatically reset, then you can improve your design with a few simple steps listed below.

4. If your booster is traveling up a slope and you want it to reset itself after use, run your boosting minecart into a block so that it will slide back down into its starting position.
Build the rail for the booster on a slope.

Remove the rail piece on the top of the block.

Replace the removed rail piece with a solid block. Your slant booster is complete.

Your slanting booster will now slide back into place after use.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spotlight: Team Avolition: Professional Minecraft Griefers

Griefing is the act of purposefully sabotaging the experience of any multi-player game. From people blocking exits and entrances in MMO's to setting traps in spawn locations in FPS's, griefers have come a long way from their humble roots and can you can expect to find them in any major game with an online multi-player component. Minecraft is no different, and in this game griefing has become almost an art form that is, at it's highest level, as complex as the act of building the many structures featured in this blog. And at it's lowest level, griefing is just a lot of random pointless destruction.

Team Avolition, a group of professional griefers, can be considered both. Here is just one of their many "adventures" in griefing.

Please know that Minecraft Dungeon does not condone or endorse anything featured in this video.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pwegoable's Minecart Launcher Tutorial

It took a while to work out the kinks, but I finally have a working build of Pwegoable's minecart launcher. Credit goes to the youtuber Pwegoable (link to his channel here) who first discovered and posted a tutorial vid of this glitch.

This build is probably the most difficult one I've ever made, and that is not just because Pwegoable's tutorial was somewhat difficult to follow (sorry Pwegoable). This structure simply looks weird. Take a look at this:

The silver blocks make up the structure.
Yeah, looks pretty mysterious to me too, and I'm the one who made it. This is the minecart launcher, a structure that is built at the end of a long stretch of track that acts like a slingshot for double minecarts.  When a double minecart reaches the end of the rail pictured, the minecart turns onto the launcher structure and continues moving, then it reaches the final block and shoots off of it. The extra minecarts act as platforms, allowing the minecart to essentially jump off of its extra carts.

However, this is a very specific build, and a few requirements must be satisfied before the jumps will occur.

1. A multi-cart is required. The multi-cart can be made using my multi-cart station build or Pwogoable's slightly more primitive method of dropping carts onto each other from above. See his tutorial vid for the details.

2. If you are using Pwegoable's double cart making method, a certain amount of spacing is needed between the carts for the launcher to work. See his tutorial vid for details. This spacing is already provided automatically if you use my multi-cart structure. However, with my structure you must be sure not to allow too much spacing or the minecarts will break apart.

3. A relatively long track must lead to the minecart launcher, and that track needs at least one booster. A large amount of momentum is needed for the minecarts to jump, so at least one booster is necessary. The track must be of a good length too. I used a track of about 40 blocks for my prototype.

4. A launcher must be placed at a turn that travels outward one block and one block only. This is the only place where a minecart launcher works.

Here is a grid drawing of the minecart launcher. The launcher has three levels: top, middle, and bottom. The rail is only on the top level.

Top level. The brown represents the rail track. The silver represents the launcher.

The middle level. The brown represents the rail track above and does not need to be added to this level.

The bottom. Only one block needs to be placed here.
If every condition is satisfied and the launcher is made correctly, then players will have a pretty entertaining build to their credit. Note that this build is currently untested in multiplayer servers, so it may or may not work there. If anyone could give this a try and tell me if it does work, I'd be very grateful.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Minecart Intermediates: Double-Cart/ Multi-Cart Station Update

Here is an improved version of the Double-cart and Multi-cart station from a few days ago. The only major changes in this version is the addition of a lever to change the station from a multi-cart creation mode to a deployment mode.

This version can be toggled from a multi-cart creating mode... a deployment mode.

In order to make this version of the multi-cart station, simply add a track leading to the curving portion of the station's rails. This will be the exit track. Then place a lever in front of the curving rail that meets the exit track.

Just put the lever right here and you're done.

When you deploy your multi-cart (which is done by giving it a slight push and then getting in before it gets away from you!) make sure it is on the side closer to the exit rail. Multi-carts and double-carts don't take too well to difficult turns, but they can handle 90 degree turns pretty well. More or less.

Here are a few things to remember about these kinds of carts:

1. Every turn increases the chance that a multi-cart or double-cart will break apart. The higher degree the turn, the more likely this becomes.

2. Multi-carts and double-carts can travel underwater, not over water. I once mistakenly reported the latter, and for that I apologize. You can drown while riding underwater, but there exists the possibility of underwater train tunnels...

3. Double-carts cannot move past mobs and items, but there is a high chance that multi-carts with more than three carts can. The more carts used in the multi-cart, the higher the chance. A train of 5 carts is essentially unstoppable lest it run into a corner.

That's all for now. Next I'll have a tutorial on the minecart launchers (jumps).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Minecart Launchers/ Minecart Jumps/

In a previous post, I mentioned that multi-carts could be used to achieve minecart jumps. Since I am currently testing my own build of minecart jumps, I will take this time to refer readers to the crafter from whom I first learned about minecart jumps, the youtuber Pwegoable. Pwegoable named his minecart jumping structure a "minecart launcher", and as far as I know he is the only person to have ever discovered this glitch. The below video is his tutorial.

I will have a post on minecart jumps after I'm done testing my own builds.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spotlight: SeaNanners' Let's play Minecraft

If anyone has never played Minecraft before and need a few videos to show them how much fun the game can be, I recommend the SeaNanners LP (Let's Play) series on youtube. SeaNanners, a youtuber known best for his FPS videos, shows beginner players what to do and what not to do to survive and thrive in minecraft. SeaNanners has a pretty unique personality, but his heart is in the right place!

Remember that SeaNanners is playing on an earlier version of Minecraft and there have been many improvements and additions since, but his videos are a good example of the fun that Minecraft players can make for themselves....

...and the videos are also a good example of why you won't like creepers.