Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minecart Basics: Resetting Boosters

Now for the next subject in Minecart crafting, we come to resetting boosters. The booster we previously made was a non-resetting booster, meaning that after every use, the booster had to be manually reset. For minecart systems to that are to be used many times by large numbers of people, a non-resetting booster just won't do, especially in minecart systems that require multiple boosters.

So instead, we'll make a booster that resets by itself so that we don't have to worry about it. For this, we will use the booster we made in the previous post.

We'll make it faster, stronger...

And we will also make a hook resetter that we also made in an even previous-er post. First we'll clear out a 2 by 2 square.

Clear out a space for the reset. 2 by 2 should do.

Next, we'll make a circle of rails. Notice the positioning of the straight track and how it doesn't yet connect to the circle.

Make a circle of rails

After that, we'll connect a rail to the circle. We do this by removing one rail on the circle and immediately replacing it.

Connect the rail
Remove a piece of the rail that touches the straight track
And replace it. Tadah!

However, due to the south-west rule, if your booster is facing the south or the west your hook may not come out right. In this case, you can use a bypass method I found. Just place a redstone torch next to the circle and it will right itself to the shape you wish.

Just be careful about where you place your redstone torch. If it's too close to your other rails, you may find that your minetrack has gained a surprising new shape...

Wtf happened to my rails!?
You might need to position your booster a bit farther away, but it won't hurt the mechanism much.

And boom. Your minecart will return to its starting position after reaching the hook, effectively resetting it. Sandwich time!


  1. Through every post I just get more and more encouraged to play this game. Keep it up bro :D

  2. Maybe should try minecraft, ugly graphic but i know alot are doing it :D


  3. So... how many hours a day do you spend playing?

  4. @Banacek Less than you think, I only play about an hour a day now, and most of that is preparing the pictures and examples for a blog post.

  5. Thanks for the assistance, minecraft is a mindfck when you first start.

  6. Rails are the one thing I can always use help on.

  7. really nice tutorial thanks!