Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to Minecraft Dungeon!

Hello, and welcome to Minecraft Dungeon, a humble blog dedicated to the advancement of the art of Minecrafting. Before I begin posting other Minecraft related articles and resources, let me begin by with a monologue about my Minecraft philosophy. It's pretty boring, so feel free to skip the next paragraph if you want.

I believe, and you can laugh at me if you want, that Minecraft might allow players to do something that no game has ever allowed before: a true virtual creative experience. Never before has a player been given so much control over how a game is enjoyed or what is built in the game. If a player wants a house, they can make one and customize it down to the very last dimension. If a player wants to make a mine, all they need is the will to do so and  a pickaxe. If a player wants a skyscraper, apartment building, harbor, or even a castle, then everything they need to make it is right there in front of them.

However, it is true that other games have given players the ability to build complexes, and Minecraft is certainly not the first game to allow players to play with what amounts to virtual legos. But have any of those games allowed players to create their own electrical wiring systems? Or train stations? Or cannons? What about airports (which I will explain in a later post)? Believe if or not, Minecraft comes with several in-game systems that allows the creation of many complex mechanisms like combination locks, water canals, traps, or (my favorite!) self-destruct systems for the maniacal villain in us all.

In Minecraft, a single person can do incredible things if they are clever and industrious enough. So what can an entire community of crafters accomplish when working together? Well, for one, the Minecraft community is almost always discovering new functions and creating new structures. Much like how architects behave, minecrafters share their findings with their fellows in the community, These findings and structures are checked, copied, improved and enhanced, and sent back into the community, where other crafters are waiting to continue the cycle.

And it is for the sake of that cycle that I'm making this blog. The structures made by the Minecraft community, the processes discovered, the improvements and changes and knowledge amassed needs a central area where crafters new and old can access at the click of a button. Minecraft dungeon will supply access to the minecraft structures that have been tested and proven to work, along with an archive of tools, programs, and articles designed to improve the Minecraft experience.

Hello everyone. My name is Craft, and welcome to Minecraft Dungeon.


  1. I introduced my 11 and 7 year old brothers to Minecraft and they are completely into it.

    I personally find it to be a good game for kids to play, at least a lot better than shoot-em-up games and pokemon.

  2. I will be following to learn more about Minecraft. I keep hearing everyone talk about it, so I figure I might as well learn a bit about it.

  3. check out my awesome, exposed to the surface dungeon ! OH and btw that youtube and twitter user minecrafter101 is not mine, i didn't know :(

  4. Yeah, I'm minecrafter101 on twitter. Sorry about that. Don't know about the YouTube one though.